Stirling Behavioral Health Institute

  Mental Health Services Provider

  6931 Van Nuys Blvd. #102 

  Phone (818) 376-0134 
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Our Mission

Stirling's mission is to provide the highest quality mental mealth services to as many individuals as our resources allow.


Stirling provides effective and culturally relevant services to meet the mental and behavioral health needs of children, adults, and their families.

Our Philosophy

Stirling’s philosophy is that “the measure of advancement of any society is directly related to the mental health of individuals in that society.”


Stirling promotes wellness, self-fulfillment and increased independence. Our institute places the highest emphasis on personal growth and considers the family as a member of the treatment team. We use a strength-based approach so clients may ultimately reach their potential. 

Our History

In 1985, Stirling was established as a special education private school for Seriously Emotionally Disturbed children and adolescents. In 1988, Stirling began receiving funds from the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health to provide free mental health services to eligible students within the Las Virgenes and Los Angeles Unified School Districts.


Since 1989, Stirling has been serving students and their families with Medi-Cal or Special
Eduction Pupils (AB3632) funding and adults for Calworks grants.

Today, through its contract with the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health, Stirling provides free mental health services to eligible clients from ages 0 - 25 and the adult parents or caregivers of children from ages 0 - 17 who are Stirling's clients. 

Stirling accepts patients with full Medi-Cal and has a limited budget to serve people with no insurance.


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If you or a loved one are experiencing suicidal thoughts or feelings, please call the Los Angeles County Department of Human Services hotline – DIAL 211




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